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May 02, 2005, 9:21 AM

Surgery to reduce your *labia?


All this and more on *dr.90210*.

*Anal*Bleaching? Ok, so this porn*star had a brazillian done and then right after, they bleached her *anal*region. I didn't catch the whole thing, but I assumed she was a *pornstar because she was saying she wanted her area bleached before her next movie.

So then it makes me wonder, should I be considering the *anal*bleaching? I'm doing the *colonCleansing and maybe the bleaching is the next step.

The girl with the *labiaReduction must've had some serious camel-toe issues prior to surgery. I missed why she was having surgery and came to wonder why the doctor was taking pictures in between her legs. I assumed it wasn't for fun. I had to look on the *E!* website to get this all figured out.

Bleaching. Huh. Who would've thought?

She said it didn't burn. You would think after getting the brazillian wax job and then putting a bleaching cream on the area would be a not-so-nice feeling.

She said it was fine. But then again, she's a porn star and can you see her watching her movie to check out her bleach job?

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